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About Us

Pragati Rath is a grass root, voluntary, not for profit organization, registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 21st September 2012 with Registration No. 453/2012-13, having registration under Income Tax Act 1961, Section 12 A and 80 G with Unique Registration No. S-84/2015-16, Unique ID with the National Portal of India as UP/2015/0090355 and ISO 9001:2015 Certification too. We work for the upliftment of marginalized and underprivileged sections of the society. We work on various issues where help is much awaited as education, health, women empowerment, promoting organic farming, providing vocational trainings and sustainable livelihoods, ensuring the facilitation of government schemes and most importantly spreading social awareness, making people aware of their rights as well as duties, make them capable of raising their voices against inequality and injustice and against social evils like female foeticide, child marriage, dowry, sex discrimination, caste system, sexual exploitation, etc.

We are working among the suppressed and marginalized people of Uttar Pradesh (Jhansi dist.), Madhya Pradesh (Shivpuri & Tikamgarh dist.) and Haryana (Faridabad dist.)


Pragati Shala: Free Non Formal Education Centers at every village we adopt for the children between 3 to 12 years.

Shakti: Women Empowerment Program especially for young girls to make them aware of their rights and towards their safety.

Aarogya: Health & Hygiene Program to give people benefits of awareness, free check up and treatment camps.

Hunar: Skill Development Program especially for women to make them economically self dependent.

Samarthya: Income Generation Program to give financial assistance to the needy to start their own livelihood so that they can support their families.

Unnat Kheti: Environment Conservation Program especially through promotion of Organic Farming, rain water harvesting, plantation, etc.

Pahunch: Facilitating Government Schemes so that these can reach the people for whom these are really meant.

Badlaav: Social Change Program through Nukkad Nataks, Literacy awareness, Voters' awareness, special camps for differently abled, awareness against sex discrimination, caste system, child marriage, myths associated with diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, etc.


A society where humanity has dignity, access towards development and is free from exploitation and discrimination.


Promoting holistic and sustainable development of people especially underprivileged and the marginalized and their surroundings.

Our Story

The foundation of Pragati Rath was led around 50 years ago when our pioneer Lt. Th. Shiv Shanker Singh Chauhan started need based social work focused on education, health and marriage (of girls) of needy. after him in 2012 Pragati Rath was formed for carrying out his work formally. Till then we are engaged in fulfilling Thakur Sahab's dream by serving the marginalized and weaker sections of the society.


• To provide each illiterate person an opportunity to become literate

• To empower women by providing them education, safety, health facilities, equal status and self dependence. 

• To work for spreading health awareness, providing treatment to the patients and to generate awareness regarding myths associated with diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Thalassemia, etc. 

• To encourage and conduct programs of environment conservation like promotion of organic farming, plantation and conservation of underground water, etc. 

• To provide help and support to the people who are helpless, old or physically challenged and to make them self dependent. 

• To promote rural and cottage scale industries and to give practical training related to skill development to the people of backward and weaker sections of the society and to help them to become self employed. 

• To help people to facilitate various state as well as central government schemes. 

• To create awareness among people regarding the social evils like child marriage, dowry, female foeticide, domestic violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, sex discrimination, etc. 

• To work for generating a sense of unity, brotherhood and patriotism among the citizens irrespective of their caste, region, religion, language, gender, etc. 

• To make every citizen aware of his/her rights as well as duties and to generate a sense of social responsibility among them. To help them become a good and more useful citizen of their nation and to reach their fullest.

Our Amazing Team

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Dr. Sandhya Chauhan

General Secretary


  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate

Our Programs


Pragati Rath is proudly working with: 

1) Child Welfare and Educational Society (CWES), Faridabad – Regd. No. 96/2007-08 for conducting various skill development trainings together especially for youth. 
2) Jhansi Catholic Seva Samaj, Jhansi, U.P. (Social Welfare Centre, Bishop’s House, 64 Cantt, Jhansi, U.P. – Regd. No. 100 of 1-10-85) for the welfare of cancer, HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and aged as well as differently abled for their education and empowerment and providing sustainable livelihoods. 
3) Samaj Kalyan Chikitsa Seva Sanstha, Shivpuri – Regd. No. gwl07/91 for work in health sector. 
4) Seva Samarpan Samiti, Jhansi, U.P. (291, Premganj, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi, U.P. – Regd. No. J-24309) for free education of poor children. 
5) Holy Mother India Public School, (Nai Basti , Jhansi) (Recognized by U.P. Govt.) for free education of poor children. 
6) Sant Pushpa Vidhya Mandir (Vill. Jharai, P.O. Sindwara, Dist. Lalitpur, U.P.) for free education of poor children. 
7) Nirmala Convent Girls’ Inter College (Garhia Phatak, Prem Nagar, Jhans, U.P.) for free education of poor children. 
8) Bates Memorial School (Recognized by U.P. Govt., Masiha Ganj, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi, U.P.) for free education of poor children. 
9) Manav Kalyan Sansthan (Human Welfare Institution, Jhansi, Reg. – 1993; 80, Kaliwada, Puliya No. 9, Jhansi, U.P.) for the welfare of the underprivileged and the weaker sections of the society. 
10) District Jail, Jhansi for imparting training to the prisoners so as to provide them a means of livelihood and helping them in their restoration also.


  • More than 320 children are getting free education in 12 Pragati Shalas run by us.
  • 150+ children got free computer education in our computer center.
  • 24 lady prisoners of District Jail, Jhansi, more than 60 village ladies are now able to make artificial jewellery and more than 120 village ladies are now able to make insence sticks, 70 ladies can make beautiful mehndi, 30 ladies can make envelopes, and 25 ladies can make candles and earn.
  • More than 200 village girls are now been sent to schools who were not allowed to go to schools being girls and around 300 families vowed not to kill their born or unborn children being a girl.
  • 20 families of village Pathari have become economically self dependent as they got their own poultry farms.
  • More than115 families of village Bedora, Chamrauaa and Pathari have got benefited through our efforts of providing sustainable livelihoods.
  • More than 200 families are happy now as their family members had left tobacco and alcohol.
  • More than 500 patients are getting free check ups and treatment through us.
  • Women of Jhansi and nearby villages are getting active on 1090 and know the means of their safety because of awareness spread by us.
  • 14 villages started adopting Organic Farming; farmers started making Organic Pesticides and manures like Amrat Pani.
  • We are working for the rehabilitation of cancer patients for last 50 years.
  • In 10 Free Stitching Centers run by us more than 180 ladies are learning stitching and are ready to become self dependent


We are in the process of adding more Impact Stories.


We are in the process of adding more opportunities.


Pragati Rath calls for Volunteers to give their time and energy in helping others as Hands Together can change lives… 
We like you to share your ideas and skills in creating a social change.
We all had a potential and desire to do something good for our society and people,
 so we are providing you an opportunity and let you to work to make someone life better. 
Contact us to volunteer … Virtually , Potentially , Skillfully. 
Remember to share your innovative Ideas which can help us to work for people.


An Individual , Groups and Organizations are welcome to become a partner with us and to support us . 
We are working for the social and cultural development of the society and our Programmes are also designed 
as per requirements for the society to integrate with. 
Our Eight Programmes support society and people to stand and move on its own. 
We are working for the people of both urban and rural areas as by Awareness program, Self-Employment training programs and by supporting them financially. Our work shows our values and culture and our motive for which we are determined to work . 
Our work reflects our objectives and willingness to achieve our vision. 
We are inviting all to join the movement of social and cultural development and support to grow to help others and make others happy and Satisfied.


Contact Details

B. No. 4

Prem Nagar Police Station, Nayanagarh, Nagra, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India


For general enquiries


+91 - 8400930355