We are in the process of adding more opportunities.


Pragati Rath calls for Volunteers to give their time and energy in helping others as Hands Together can change lives… 
We like you to share your ideas and skills in creating a social change.
We all had a potential and desire to do something good for our society and people,
 so we are providing you an opportunity and let you to work to make someone life better. 
Contact us to volunteer … Virtually , Potentially , Skillfully. 
Remember to share your innovative Ideas which can help us to work for people.


An Individual , Groups and Organizations are welcome to become a partner with us and to support us . 
We are working for the social and cultural development of the society and our Programmes are also designed 
as per requirements for the society to integrate with. 
Our Eight Programmes support society and people to stand and move on its own. 
We are working for the people of both urban and rural areas as by Awareness program, Self-Employment training programs and by supporting them financially. Our work shows our values and culture and our motive for which we are determined to work . 
Our work reflects our objectives and willingness to achieve our vision. 
We are inviting all to join the movement of social and cultural development and support to grow to help others and make others happy and Satisfied.